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Application for prospective puppy buyers

Thank you for inquiring about a puppy from Highland View. We are dedicated Toy Australian Shepherd lover. We breed to produce a quality Toy Australin Shepherds that is intelligent, loyal, structurally sound and versatile. This Application helps us ensure a good match between prospective owners and our puppies. Each and every puppy is home raised and receives tender loving care, play time, and attention. Even with attention, puppies going to a new home are not a trained, finished product…they are puppies! We provide new puppy owners with pre-school material geared to the Toy Australian Shepherd and expect new owners to finish the job we have started with both informal and formal training.  We like to keep in touch with puppy owners to follow the dogs’ development.

We’re always available to help you with questions or just about anything else! This is a remarkable breed we love and cherish. Please complete the application and click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form when done. If your web browser does not support forms, please send us an e-mail with your responses.  

Our Toy Australian Shepherds are bred with tender loving care for intelligence, sound temperament, and balance.

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Are you aware that miniature Aussies require moderate exercise and shed seasonally?

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Occasionally we have a pup of outstanding quality for which we would like to retain breeding rights in the case of a female for up to two litters. The dog would be held in CO-ownership until the obligation would be fulfilled at which time we would sign off of the CO-ownership. In the case of a male dog, would you be willing to allow us a set amount of stud services to be agreed upon at the time of purchase.

Would you be interested in a situation such as this?

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